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Noun1.classical scholar - a student of ancient Greek and Latin
humanist - a classical scholar or student of the liberal arts
Latinist - a specialist in the Latin language
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Tom Perkins continued to triumph, he was the finest classical scholar that Dr.
They were his father and mother, his brother the Reverend Felix--curate at a town in the adjoining county, home for the inside of a fortnight--and his other brother, the Reverend Cuthbert, the classical scholar, and Fellow and Dean of his College, down from Cambridge for the long vacation.
Some two or three had prisoner nurses with them, for they were very sick; and one, a fat old negro whose leg had been taken off within the jail, had for his attendant a classical scholar and an accomplished surgeon, himself a prisoner likewise.
Before entering politics, he had been a classical scholar, becoming a full professor of ancient Greek at the age of 25.
For, as I hope to show, this Hebrew text necessarily questions conventional wisdom about two great figures of the late sixteenth century: the Christian diplomat and classical scholar Jacques Bongars (15541612) and Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel, better known as the Maharal of Prague (ca.
In a statement on his exhibition, which was displayed this month, Samadzadegan said: "My work is based on the idea of translation and how things are codified, particularly German cultural critic Walter Benjamin's concepts and German classical scholar Friedrich Nietzsche's ideas of mediocrity, as they relate to the 'facts of aesthetics.
Maurice Bowra was a formidable Oxford figure and wit but he was a Classical scholar and chiefly famed for his ability as Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, 1951-54, to transact academic business in record time.
After arriving in India, classical scholar Indiana Jones - starring Harrison Ford - is asked by a desperate village to find a mystical stone.
So begins a time-twisting adventure that will take Sierra and her classical scholar boyfriend Max from era to era.
A leading Cambridge-based classical scholar of his day, Guthrie (1906-81) wrote this 1950 outline of Greek philosophers for undergraduate students in other fields besides classics.
Junius was a versatile man, a physician, classical scholar, translator, lexicographer, antiquarian, historiographer, emblematist, school rector, and Latin poet as well--a man with a real 'kaleidoscopic scholarship.
At that time the curate was Rev Gilbert Wakefield, writer and classical scholar, who later taught at Warrington Academy.

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