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Consequently, all three operating segments Paid Models, Marketing Models, and Classified Ad Models generated higher revenues and earnings in the first half of 2014.
4-percent drop in classified ad revenue for the period, to $55.
AdStar's new technology automates the ad development and placement process, and allows advertisers to design print and online advertisements specifically for vertical classified ad markets, including merchandise, automotive, recruitment and real estate.
There are no additional fees to the classified ad if anyone is hired through the Dentalworkers site.
About that same time, a two-line classified ad appeared in the Wall Street Journal--something along the lines of "Newsletter company for sale.
The ability to add photos to a classified ad not only provides for a more attractive ad, it also provides newspapers with a more compelling layout and design, while opening doors to new revenues through larger ads and up-sell opportunities," said Leslie Bernhard, president of AdStar.
The classified ad she placed asked $150 for the toy - but then her husband convinced her to lower her price.
based free classified ad magazine, announced the launch of its new, state-of-the-art, national classified ad platform.
This marketing process has been very time consuming for sellers to post to hundreds of classified ad sites one by one, monitor each placement and then update the ads separately on a regular basis.
Company-wide, classified ad revenue for the month was down 30.
Employers then pay for a classified ad giving them access to the contact information of resumes that match their ad.
Classified ad revenue declines continued to hammer publishers as the first of the April results reports came in last week.