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adj. class·i·er, class·i·est Informal
Highly stylish; elegant.

class′i·ness n.


n (inf)Exklusivität f
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Each designer will be showcasing a new collection along with a new ethereal story of couture, fairytales, dreams and classiness.
A classiness that contrasts with the Gruesome Twosome, especially Hopkins, who called her "a fat Russell Brand".
The use of bright steel for the wall display modules and fume mirrors facilitate the interior to sport an eternal classiness and ensure the finest utilization of the available space; as well as open showcases exhibiting bags and accessories.
As a woman-owned business, Ambiance embodies classiness and a positive customer experience, both in its retail stores and the online www.
Ward has incorporated the classiness of gowns and that has become the USP of his collection.
The white reception filled with cream sofas and champagne-coloured cushions was as inviting as a cuddle, with the classiness of a boutique hotel and the cosiness of a family-run business.
I wanted to do something different that blends with and compliments today's lifestyle and fashion trends, yet keep the classiness and luxury of the exotic leather goods I use, such as crocodile and python skins.
Savoy" was taken from the names of a famous hotel in London and a like named jazz club in New York, to suggest classiness and coming live jazz nights, he said.
Comprised of five mouth-watering creations, the collection elegantly blends classiness and traditional Brittany delights.
Always maintaining a nonchalant attitude - and yet somehow exuding a sense of classiness - Mary-Kate's designer bags are purposefully battered (I don't know about you, but mine are treated with the utmost respect).