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adj. class·i·er, class·i·est Informal
Highly stylish; elegant.

class′i·ness n.


n (inf)Exklusivität f
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With an elegant seafront promenade and a huge expanse of sand, it's physically a combination of, say, Hove and Blackpool but with a classiness that's quite its own.
Do you want a car that will exude classiness and style, especially for showing up in meetings and company events?
With her rich poising voice and classiness, her songs still have a unique place in the history of music.
Adding to the classiness factor, or lack thereof, is the issue that MM is chair of the Nashua delegation, which stands at 17 Dems and 10 GOPers, following MM's switcheroo.
There's a feeling of classiness and quality about the interior, even though the satnav screen is a bit small and slightly old-school.
The front seats hug you tight and the whole cabin exudes a classiness and build quality which would have been unattainable in a Renault even five years ago.
The Wilderness shares the ground floor with the equally ambitious Birmingham Open Media (BOM) project, an attempt to use the once derelict space beneath the Art Deco classiness of Norfolk House on Smallbrook Queensway above as an art gallery and meeting place for some of the city's brightest digitally-focussed minds.
8 BRUNO MANGA Still showing signs of rustiness and there were one or two lapses in concentration - as with the late Bunn effort - but there was also the examples of the defensive classiness he can offer with good covering skills.
Sarah Wallner, celebrity stylist and CEO of Musotica says, "She's a lady and she's a sexy princess, get her a sweeping robe or long dress to express the classiness she exudes.
Newspapers, especially those aimed at middle and upper social class, necessarily complied with the new trend: English was regarded as the language of classiness and sophistication.
The metal case body of this Huawei smartphone will add to the classiness and elegance of the buyer.
A classiness that contrasts with the Gruesome Twosome, especially Hopkins, who called her "a fat Russell Brand".