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Bias based on social or economic class.

class′ist adj. & n.


[ˈklɑːsɪst] ADJclasista
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Aaron DuChateau: "Those who see an 'action needed' attitude as classist against the homeless must understand what is meant by the differentiation that Kitty Piercy is trying to make with this group of 'travelers' (or whatever term should be used to identify the young and aggressive group in question).
Although it is unclear why these maternal and infant health disparities exist, they are an unfortunate truth that further underscores our nation's deeply ingrained racist and classist culture.
Saber's classist remarks were not the first from the judiciary to cause controversy in a country where government figures show at least 26 per cent of the population lives below the poverty line.
Mr Price, who represented Carmarthen East and Dinefwr between 2001 and 2010, also condemned the UK media for their portrayal of party leader Leanne Wood following her appearance in Thursday night's leaders' election debate - saying its coverage had managed to be "sexist, racist and classist all at the same time".
In precisely this way are redneck, White trash, and hillbilly, simply the classist face of White supremacy.
It's been pretty much reduced to critique of our society past and present for being racist, classist, sexist, heterosexist, and so forth.
It is clear highly effective teachers do not ascribe to such problematic frameworks as Payne's (Gorski, 2008), but if teachers are not told how and why Payne's (2005) Framework for Understanding Poverty is racist, classist, and deeply steeped in dangerous deficit thinking, they are likely to take Payne's deficit-based, yet seemingly logical ideas and techniques into the field.
The first of the three parts of the book offers some generalizations about the English Catholic Church, presenting it as both conventional and rigidly classist, but it also includes what may well be the most interesting chapter of all, a discussion of the influence of Chesterton, Belloc, and other Distributists.
But this is out of touch, classist, patronising & a caricature of Scotland through a Victorian prism.
Cohan's thorough analysis of the Duke scandal provides a worthwhile reminder of the case's racial and classist elements: the exotic dancer, Crystal Gail Mangum, was black, poor, and female; the lacrosse players were privileged white males.
society is highly classist and is literally "coming apart" at the seams.
Arab's thesis is on surer footing in her treatment of Love's Labour's Lost, wherein she argues that the classist leveling the play achieves ultimately undermines distinctions in quality between elite and lowborn men, but again any conclusions we might be led to draw about tone are highly speculative and impossible to corroborate.