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1. Either of two slender bones in humans that extend from the manubrium of the sternum to the acromion of the scapula. Also called collarbone.
2. One of the bones of the pectoral girdle in many vertebrates.

[New Latin clāvīcula, from Latin, diminutive of clāvis, key (from its shape).]

cla·vic′u·lar (klə-vĭk′yə-lər) adj.
cla·vic′u·late′ (-lāt′) adj.


a. clavicular, rel. a las clavículas.
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Meanwhile, the British man sustained fracture in his skull and spine and a clavicular displaced fracture plus injuries to his legs.
Camomot died of "multiple, bilateral rib fractures, left clavicular fractures, and extensive cranial and bilateral facial bone fractures," the team's assessment said.
De acuerdo con Abraham, las siguientes fueron las lesiones que "invento" en su informe: herida de bala en region clavicular izquierda, con salida en escapular del mismo lado; herida de bala en region clavicular derecha, con fractura de la misma, sin salida; herida de bala en region costal derecha, sin salida; dos heridas de bala en region costal lateral izquierda, con salida en region dorsal; herida de bala en region pectoral izquierda entre las costillas novena y decima, con salida en region lateral del mismo lado; herida de bala en tercio medio de pierna derecha; herida de bala en tercio medio del muslo izquierdo, en sedal; y herida de bala en tercio inferior de antebrazo derecho, con fractura de cubito.
Intraoperatively, he was found to have recurrence of a large, anterosuperior distal clavicular osteophyte, which was removed.
In this case report, we describe a rare clinical situation of acute arterial thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) after osteosynthesis, using an intramedullary Knowles pin, to treat nonunion of a midshaft clavicular fracture.
In particular, the authors demonstrated that when the target parathyroid glands were located <6 cm below the superior aspect of the clavicular head, the lesions were successfully resected through a cervical approach.
A biopsy from the clavicular region also showed histopathological features of Bowen's disease arising in EV.
Open reduction and plate fixation versus nonoperative treatment for displaced midshaft clavicular fractures: a multicenter, randomized, controlled trial.
Numerous autogenous materials have been used as interpositional materials, including temporalis myofascial flap (Golovine, 1898), fascia lata, auricular cartilage, dermis, full-thickness skin, fourth metatarsal (Bardenheur, 1909), costochondral graft (Gillies, 1920), second metatarsal (Entin et al, 1968), sterno clavicular joint, ulnar head, rib, calvarial bone, fibula, and iliac bone.
De la misma manera no han sido reportadas insercion anomala del extremo clavicular del musculo esternocleidomastoideo en el extremo esternal de la clavicula contralateral con agenesia de clavicula ipsilateral y deformidad de 1 y 2 costillas del mismo lado e insercion anomala de cuero cabelludo el cual se extiende por nuca y cara lateral izquierda de cuello pasando sucesivamente por la linea esternal paramedial izquierda hasta linea media esternal en su mitad superior.