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1. Either of two slender bones in humans that extend from the manubrium of the sternum to the acromion of the scapula. Also called collarbone.
2. One of the bones of the pectoral girdle in many vertebrates.

[New Latin clāvīcula, from Latin, diminutive of clāvis, key (from its shape).]

cla·vic′u·lar (klə-vĭk′yə-lər) adj.
cla·vic′u·late′ (-lāt′) adj.


a. clavicular, rel. a las clavículas.
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Clavicular biopsy showed irregular sclerotic trabeculae.
Necropsy and histologic investigation identified reduction in the diameter of the vertebral canal and spinal cord at cervical segments 8-9 with coalescing granulomas and intralesional acid-fast bacilli within the intertrabecular space, left side of the clavicular air sac, and cranial left lung.
Of these, four had bone metastases, two thoracic vertebra involvement, and one each clavicular and bone marrow involvement.
Bearn stated that "the only connection between the upper extremity and the axial skeleton is through the clavicular articulations at the AC and sternoclavicular joints.
The clavicular line may be difficult to determine, and decompressions are often done too medially if this is used as a landmark.
The decedent] sustained, among other injuries, a left femoral fracture, a right clavicular fracture, laceration of the right anterior tibial area, a fracture of the right medial malleolus, a fracture of the pubic rami, and a severe head injury, including an intracranial hemorrhage on the left parietal hemisphere and a left frontal lobe intra-axial hematoma with right temporal bone fracture.
A hard liver was palpable at 4 cm below the rib edge in the middle clavicular line.
Accelerometry Data Collection and Analytical Procedures: Smart Cities, Healthy Kids Study, Saskatoon, Canada Information Details Accelerometer Model * Actical (Philips Respironics, Bend, OR) Piezo sensor orientation Omnidirectional Mode setup Counts only Epoch 15 seconds Deployment method Delivered and attached by researcher (on day 0) Location worn Right hip at mid clavicular line (via adjustable neoprene waist belt) Requested days of wear 7 d (40,320 epochs) not including day 0 Initialization Delayed until next day (i.
A synthetic mesh (LARS ligament by Corin) was then sutured over the prosthesis and secured to the osteotomised clavicular remnant and chest wall with non-absorbable sutures.
Since no markers were applied to either the hip, trunk or clavice, it remains to be evaluated if the consistent increases in marker position relative to the horizontal axis were a result of increased clavicular protraction or hip and/or lumbar flexion.
Operative versus Nonoperative Care of Displaced Midshaft Clavicular Fractures:A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials
Given these findings, the patient underwent a modified sentinel lymph node (SLN) sampling of the right clavicular nodes (Figure 2, A).