clay sculpture

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Noun1.clay sculpture - sculpture produced by moldingclay sculpture - sculpture produced by molding  
sculpture - a three-dimensional work of plastic art
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create a clay sculpture in three sections combining previously learned methods with new techniques.
This piqued the students' curiosity and primed them for my introduction into the plasticine clay sculpture, and research of a profession, which would follow.
After presenting a clay sculpture she had created of her ailing father, Richard Hoffman famously stated, "My child, I'm afraid you are going to be an artist.
I wanted to find a theme for clay sculpture which had a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures.
One can see how accidents or findings with glass have influenced her clay sculpture, especially the surface treatment.
In the clay sculpture Sadgora, the dovecote as a symbol of home is translated into architectural details on the roof of a synagogue.
Once done with the actual building of the clay sculpture, we let the clay set up a little, covering it loosely with a plastic bag so it would become a dark gray--not completely leather-hard, but not so soft that it could be crushed by handling it, or so dry that we'd break off pieces of it.
Kaneko slowly refined his approach to large-scale clay sculpture, adding file installations of almost limitless scale, and his most significant creation, the "Dango.
This is followed by art-making activities that invite working on similar themes: painting, printmaking, mask making, clay sculpture and collage.
14) Sudhir Chakravarty, Clay Sculpture of Krishnanagar and the Sculptors' Society (Bengali), Calcutta: K.
They showed typical traditional handicrafts including Chinese woodblock printing, Russian clay sculpture, Kazakhstan tamboura, Turkish encaustic together with Iran wood carving and jewelry design.
Contract awarded for Primary 4 visual art curriculum modular programme - dry clay sculpture 2017 for casuarina primary school