clay sculpture

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Noun1.clay sculpture - sculpture produced by moldingclay sculpture - sculpture produced by molding  
sculpture - a three-dimensional work of plastic art
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Injured veterans and their families ate dinner in the hangar bay and competed in a Halloween-themed clay sculpture contest before the night concluded.
Children can choose from Lego and colours, painting, calligraphy, clay sculpture and drawing workshops, all led by experts in the relevant fields.
Besides the massive collection of items showcasing Islamic art, others depicting the Qatari heritage, exclusive vintage cars and coins and currencies, the museum located in Al Samriya, 22km west of Doha also hosted painting, drawing, clay sculpture, Arabic calligraphy and collage workshops that provided exciting activities for children.
The futuristic vehicle concept is a cross between a dragster and a hypercar and Sean has already created detailed digital models and a scale-sized clay sculpture, which he hopes will once day become a reality.
Clay sculpture first emerged in Italy in the 15th century, stimulated by new technologies in maiolica and brickwork, and became increasingly popular with artists in the 16th and 17th centuries.
After studying his designs, my students have been excited to make Gehry-inspired slab houses, corrugated cardboard pieces of furniture and abstract pieces of clay sculpture.
During the 1990s, he worked almost entirely in clay sculpture.
She will also have the original clay sculpture of Sigeric on his mule and will be talking about her art.
About 12 employees from the head A office of the Halifax are creating a garden with features including raised flowerbeds, a rope weaving frame, mosaic and clay sculpture tiles and a stone balancing area at South Crosland CE Junior School.
Think of Mesoamerican cultures and their use of ritual clay sculpture.
Artist Chou Yifan stands beside his clay sculpture which reproduces a battle scene during World War II, ahead of the 82nd anniversary of Japan's invasion of China, at his studio inside a middle school in Xi'An, Shnxi province, on September 16.
Contract awarded for are required service technical coordination and logistics, for conducting community workshops in the disciplines of painting, clay sculpture, mural, dances and storytelling, traditional games, culinary tradition putrena .