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a. a dull brownish-orange colour
b. (as adjective): a claybank horse.



1. a dull yellow color; dun; brownish yellow.
2. a horse of this color.
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Police were called to the address on Claybank Street and the victim was taken to hospital but died shortly after arrival.
uk Cleveland Way - - Claybank, picture by Laura McMenamin, of Middlesbrough All calm at |Staithes, picture by Tony Darcy, of Marske Ropner Park, picture by Mike Ranson, of Hartburn The Infinity Bridge, Stockton at night, picture by Tony Winward, of Middlesbrough Red sky at nlght over Marske, picture |by Ken Stephenson, of Marske Saltburn, picture by John Carter, of |Stockton Dusk in Whitby, picture by William Bellerby, of Billingham Whitby Abbey, picture by Ray Simp-|son, of Marske The Brian Clough statue in Albert Park, |picture by Tony Winward, of Middlesbrough Sunset over Guisborough, picture by Michael Glasper, of Skelton |Green The Ceno-|taph, Albert Park, Middlesbrough, picture by John Rymer, of Skelton
The Government of Saskatchewan, through the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation, is investing in the Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site, so that masonry conservation work to one of the plant s ten beehive kilns can take place.
The Claybank brickworks is a significant part of our province s history and a unique heritage site in North America, Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Kevin Doherty said.
Under the agreement, Honeywell will install a 746-kilowatt solar array near the Claybank Adult Detention Facility and sell the electricity produced by the panels to the county for use in the detention facility.
Open Working Hunter Horse exceeding 148 cms: 1, Miss C M Richardson, Lough Crew; 2, S De Leon, Claybank Hannah B; 3, Miss M Craig, Bam Bam
When Sartoris rides through the gate on his claybank stallion, having been demoted by his own regiment following the defeat at Second Manassas, his "tarnished buttons" and "frayed braid" (U 9) invite the boy, even at that tender age, to look again at his "heroic" heritage: "Father.
Paul, 28, who runs a pub in Bury, Lancs, joined the Claybank Hotel Fishing Club outing to a deep sea mark off Plymouth and missed the UK garfish record by just 7oz 8dms.
Ray Boughen, Member of Parliament for Palliser, today announced an investment by the Government of Canada in the conservation of Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site of Canada.
Our Government is committed to the preservation of Canada s irreplaceable national treasures, of which the Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site is a shining example, said Mr.
STOCKTON RAMBLING CLUB No later than 10am Claybank and Kepwick.