clean down

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w>clean down

vt sep car, lorrywaschen; wallsabwaschen
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My first aim will be to CLEAN DOWN (do you comprehend the full force of the expression?
And just then Hughie fetched him a clout that knocked him clean down the stairs and off the veranda.
They went to work at once, plowing, barrowing, rolling, furrowing, in admirable order, as if they were bent on making this a model farm; but when I was looking sharp to see what kind of seed they dropped into the furrow, a gang of fellows by my side suddenly began to hook up the virgin mould itself, with a peculiar jerk, clean down to the sand, or rather the water -- for it was a very springy soil -- indeed all the terra firma there was -- and haul it away on sleds, and then I guessed that they must be cutting peat in a bog.
Yet the fact remains that the reader, who was a fine, robust old man, was knocked clean down by it as if it had been the butt end of a pistol.
On December 7 an employee was performing a clean down on a cleaning machine when his dominant right arm was amputated just below the elbow.
Clothing worn by chefs in the kitchen was dirty and filthy rags were used to clean down surfaces and mop up spillages.
Watson has also vowed to keep his nose clean down under so he does not face the wrath of the dreaded Lions fines committee.
When they were at school I could clean down the kitchen and get going.
It doesn't just clean the floor, but quickly transforms between handheld and stick modes to clean down low, up high and everywhere in-between," the company stated.
Machine clean down is easier and quicker so the ability to switch materials without the risk of cross contamination is made easier.
Following the deep clean by the building contractor, an approved supplier will perform pharmaceutical clean(s)of the EU GMP grade A, B, C and D areasFollowing the pharmaceutical clean down by the approved supplier, intensive environmental monitoring of the facility will be performed.
At the time the photo was taken, that area of the kitchen was in the process of being cleaned again as part of our pub's pre-evening shift clean down.

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