clean slate

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Noun1.clean slate - an opportunity to start over without prejudice
chance, opportunity - a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances; "the holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington"; "now is your chance"
faire table rasetabula rasa
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I ventured further, till I could overlook the lawns: they lay like clean slates in the starlight: there was no sign of living thing nearer than the house, which was still lit up, but quiet enough now.
The good news is that young drivers are a clean slate to whom we can teach good habits and safe driving techniques, giving them a much better chance of being able to handle dangerous situations more safely.
Therefore, we set out to deliver to this market an innovative platform by developing a system from a clean slate.
The online publishers have the clean slate advantage, allowing them to design a product without having to accommodate an existing base of business.
Working from a clean slate we have created the next generation architecture which gives users what they've been looking for -- a reason to leave their laptops at home.
The JetHawks get a clean slate following the all-star break, which marks the end of the season's first half.
Seven years later, Tovar's white-glove reorganization of 26 Head Start sites throughout the Valley has given the association a clean slate.
CHELSEA manager Jose Mourinho has appealed to UEFA to let him begin the season with a clean slate.
We're being hopeful that, as the quarter ends, the employers will want to settle and start the quarter with a clean slate.
The Chairman of the Clean Slate Campaign, Edward Peters, is quite precise about the date on which the idea struck him--15 March 1998.
Everyone starts out the new school year with a clean slate and backpack, but they don't often stay that way.
He has conveyed his desire to share his expertise with A Clean Slate and is excited by the opportunity.