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Adj.1.clean-burning - leaving little contamination while consuming fuel; "natural gas is a clean-burning fuel"
fueled - heated, driven, or produced by burning fuel
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May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Waste Management of Illinois today raised its commitment to use clean-burning natural gas-powered garbage and recycling trucks with the dedication here of a new filling station for compressed natural gas (CNG).
will soon unveil a new series of large F-Series pickup trucks powered by an optional new clean-burning diesel engine, company officials said Monday.
If you're thinking that a brave new world of agriculturally derived, clean-burning biodiesel fuel is going to wean us off petroleum, you'd better think again.
Under current law, the clean-burning fuel deduction is limited to up to $2,000 for certified HEVs first put into service in 2005.
those propelled by clean-burning fuel), EPA '05 Section 1341(a) introduced a onetime per vehicle credit in Sec.
Early compliance was achieved by permanently retiring 181 trucks, deploying 415 trucks that operate on clean-burning natural gas and retrofitting 794 trucks with "best available control technologies"--special pollution controls such as oxidation catalysts or filters--to reduce harmful particulate emissions.
The IRS approved the 2005 Toyota Prius as eligible for the clean-burning fuel deduction.
The buses will offer the latest in clean-burning technology, based on local testing of several fuels and engine types.
But there are plenty of obstacles to work out before the streets are jammed with clean-burning cars.
Hydrogen attracts attention as a clean-burning fuel that could eliminate the United States' dependence on fossil fuel.
The oil industry, though, is constantly seeking new ways to make oil heat even more clean-burning and efficient.
The pellet idea smoldered for a while with only regional interest, but in the new era of clean-burning stoves, pellet fuel has really taken off.