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Alliant Powder, a leading manufacturer of smokeless powders, offers precision and action shooters consistent, clean-burning propellant with the release of its new Sport Pistol powder.
will soon unveil a new series of large F-Series pickup trucks powered by an optional new clean-burning diesel engine, company officials said Monday.
The establishment of a clean-burning fuel network may help the engine makers produce engines that can meet low emissions standards by not only modifying engine designs, but by simply accepting the cleaner bio-based formulas as their fuel.
If you're thinking that a brave new world of agriculturally derived, clean-burning biodiesel fuel is going to wean us off petroleum, you'd better think again.
Under current law, the clean-burning fuel deduction is limited to up to $2,000 for certified HEVs first put into service in 2005.
those propelled by clean-burning fuel), EPA '05 Section 1341(a) introduced a onetime per vehicle credit in Sec.
Results from recent geological surveys of concentrated deposits of gas hydrates in Alaska and off the coast of Japan also suggest that methane hydrates are likely to become a viable future source of clean-burning natural gas.
The IRS approved the 2005 Toyota Prius as eligible for the clean-burning fuel deduction.
The buses will offer the latest in clean-burning technology, based on local testing of several fuels and engine types.
But there are plenty of obstacles to work out before the streets are jammed with clean-burning cars.
The Internal Revenue Service said it has certified the first hybrid gas-electric automobile as being eligible for a clean-burning fuel tax deduction.
The oil industry, though, is constantly seeking new ways to make oil heat even more clean-burning and efficient.