cleaning device

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: device - any of a large class of implements used for cleaningcleaning device - any of a large class of implements used for cleaning
broom - a cleaning implement for sweeping; bundle of straws or twigs attached to a long handle
carpet sweeper, sweeper - a cleaning implement with revolving brushes that pick up dirt as the implement is pushed over a carpet
cleaning pad - a pad used as a cleaning implement
implement - instrumentation (a piece of equipment or tool) used to effect an end
pipe cleaner - cleaning implement consisting of a flexible tufted wire that is used to clean a pipe stem
pull-through - cleaning implement consisting of an oily rag attached by a cord to a weight; is pulled through the barrel of a rifle or handgun to clean it
squeegee - T-shaped cleaning implement with a rubber edge across the top; drawn across a surface to remove water (as in washing windows)
mop, swob, swab - cleaning implement consisting of absorbent material fastened to a handle; for cleaning floors
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The travel-sized spray bottle and tethered cleaning cloth make cleaning device screens easy anytime, anywhere.
Objective: "This project is to validate a cleaning device capable of clearing out small debris from the leading edges of business jets or airliners, to keep the flow as laminar as possible on the leading edge of the wing.
AMO will offer the market a unique concept called the COMPLETE(R) Experience, a total eye care system that will include the COMPLETE(R) Aquavision(TM) monthly contact lenses, COMPLETE(R) MoisturePLUS(TM) multi-purpose solution, and COMPLETE(R) RAPID CARE(TM) contact lens cleaning device.
Tenders are invited for Supply of spares for aph soot blower cleaning device drive unit of aph 31.
100-millimetre-diameter pipe with a diffuser section not less than 150m; and supply and installation of a pipe cleaning device.
With its soft, compact tongue cleaning device, the REACH(R) Fresh & Clean toothbrush is a comfortable alternative to scouring the tongue with scratchy bristles and an effective way to achieve total mouth cleanliness without needing to use a separate tool.
Pressurized Automated Laparoscopic Lumen Cleaner (designed and manufactured by the Alliance Engineering Group); -- Pressurized Automated Biopsy Forceps/Snare Irrigation Cleaning Device (designed and manufactured by the Alliance Engineering Group); -- Comco Pressurized Sodium Bicarbonate Micro Blaster; -- Pressure Decay SCD Testers (designed and manufactured exclusively for Alliance by GTI); -- AP Robotics Inc.
Tenders are invited for spares for aph soot blower cleaning device drive unit of aph 31.
Sony specifies that the AIT drive needs no cleaning as a result of using AME media, an internal cooling fan, a shielded tape path and heads, and an internal head cleaning device.
Announcement of competition: herding at old Bo cleaning device is phased out and it is determined that the facility will be demolished.
Turbo-Wash is a high quality, durably constructed cleaning device with fingertip controls, including a soap/water ratio control knob, 8 oz.
Remington's color-change technology in its Smart Setter hair styling tools, Braun's new Interclean interdental cleaning device, massager mats, and shavers promise to be star performers for the quarter.