clear and present danger

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Noun1.clear and present danger - a standard for judging when freedom of speech can be abridged; "no one has a right to shout `fire' in a crowded theater when there is no fire because such an action would pose a clear and present danger to public safety"
danger - the condition of being susceptible to harm or injury; "you are in no danger"; "there was widespread danger of disease"
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Its current state is a clear and present danger to the euro zone and the moment of truth is fast approaching," he added.
I did not feel that such legislation was in the public interest and presented a clear and present danger to law abiding citizens by placing more handguns on the streets.
In addition to other experts cited in earlier VPC studies, Clear and Present Danger reports specific concerns from the RAND Corporation, the U.
But with diseases like hepatitis B or AIDS, which are difficult to catch, carriers do not pose a clear and present danger to others.