clear sailing

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Noun1.clear sailing - easy unobstructed progress; "after we solved that problem the rest was plain sailing"
forward motion, onward motion, advancement, progress, progression, procession, advance - the act of moving forward (as toward a goal)
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Were on track to get it mostly finished to make it clear sailing for the rest of summer.
Negotiations are ongoing and Greece will need to pass a raft of laws through parliament endorsing spending cuts, pension savings and tax increase to please their creditors, so it's not all clear sailing quite yet.
Although it may not be clear sailing, romance is worth a try.
The production is suitable for anyone over ten-years-old and it will feature English and Greek subtitles so don't worry about not being able to speak pirate, because it is sure to be clear sailing me hearties.
It was clear sailing for Comcast in Central Massachusetts until it came up against the Worcester City Council.
Once Iran is out of the picture, it will be clear sailing for Zionism and the Israeli regime to create the Greater Israel, and to me, this is a motive for Israel to benefit the most from an American attack on Syria.
Now we have some clear sailing until the next 10-Q filing that is not due until August 14[sup.
The late-race misfortunes for Black Falcon's closest competitor gave clear sailing for the No.
That means the winner of the Democratic primary contest between incumbent Secretary of State Kate Brown and opponent Knute Buehler, a Bend orthopedic surgeon, should have clear sailing in the fall election.
Nicky Henderson's fouryear-old ran a fine race at Stratford recently when runner-up to Clear Sailing and this looks an easier task.
The expectation is that the bill has clear sailing there, and should be signed from the governor.
Clear Sailing and Paul Doe lead the way before winning the Bet All Weather Racing - Betdaq Classified Claiming Stakes at Lingfield on Saturday