clear sailing

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Noun1.clear sailing - easy unobstructed progress; "after we solved that problem the rest was plain sailing"
forward motion, onward motion, advancement, progress, progression, procession, advance - the act of moving forward (as toward a goal)
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If either of the bills introduced by Wyden and Blumenauer passed, the company would have clear sailing to market its products in the growing list of states that have legalized medical marijuana and/or recreational marijuana.
4 percent 2017 global economic growth forecast - that underpins the demand forecasts carried in this report - will not be clear sailing," the IEA said.
Europe's unemployment problem remains severe, but recent jobless claims, participation rates and non-farm payrolls data remind us it's not all clear sailing in the US, either.
The primary winner will have clear sailing in November because no Democrats have filed for the seat.
Some of the students have also expressed clear sailing goals which we will continue to encourage with the support of Oman Sail's founding partner, Rena-issance, who share our vision of creating unique opportunities for the youth.
Were on track to get it mostly finished to make it clear sailing for the rest of summer.
Negotiations are ongoing and Greece will need to pass a raft of laws through parliament endorsing spending cuts, pension savings and tax increase to please their creditors, so it's not all clear sailing quite yet.
The overall trend for all waterborne freight services continues to look like clear sailing with predictable and relatively modest inflation ahead.
Although it may not be clear sailing, romance is worth a try.
The production is suitable for anyone over ten-years-old and it will feature English and Greek subtitles so don't worry about not being able to speak pirate, because it is sure to be clear sailing me hearties.
It was clear sailing for Comcast in Central Massachusetts until it came up against the Worcester City Council.
It's not as if there's clear sailing for the foreseeable future.