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nave wall of a Gothic cathedral
A. clerestory
B. triforium
C. arcade


also clear·sto·ry  (klîr′stôr′ē)
n. pl. clere·sto·ries
1. The upper part of the nave, transepts, and choir of a church, containing windows that rise above the roofs of the aisles.
2. A similar structure admitting light into an ancient building such as an Egyptian temple or a Roman basilica.
3. An upper portion of a wall containing windows, especially when rising above a lower roof.

[Middle English clerestorie : perhaps cler, giving light, clear; see clear + storie, tier; see story2.]


(ˈklɪəˌstɔːrɪ) or


n, pl -ries
1. (Architecture) a row of windows in the upper part of the wall of a church that divides the nave from the aisle, set above the aisle roof
2. (Architecture) the part of the wall in which these windows are set. Compare blindstorey
[C15: from clear + storey]
ˈclereˌstoried, ˈclearˌstoried adj


or clear•sto•ry

(ˈklɪərˌstɔr i, -ˌstoʊr i)

n., pl. -ries.
a portion of an interior rising above adjacent rooftops and having windows admitting daylight.
[1375–1425; <clere clear + story story2]
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Noun1.clerestory - part of an interior wall rising above the adjacent roof with windows admitting lightclerestory - part of an interior wall rising above the adjacent roof with windows admitting light
window - a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air


[ˈklɪəˌstɔːrɪ] Ntriforio m


n (Archit) → Lichtgaden m
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In order to allow the most natural light into the large volume of space, the ProCon designers opened both end walls with floor-to-ceiling glass and also created a clerestory window running the full length of the space, capturing southern light.
There are five bedrooms in all on the first floor, one with a striking clerestory window, alongside a bathroom and shower room, and there's an additional door leading from the landing into a self-contained suite of two bedrooms, a library/nursery, storage/dressing room and shower room with its own staircase.
Window Type 3 is the fixed clerestory window, and Window Type 4 is a replacement casement window installed in our laboratory last year.
The existing clerestory window will be preserved in the upper level," he said.
The fiat-roofed section between the two canted roofs alLows a clerestory window to bring light into the back of the check-in hall and also helps screen machinery housings.
Eliminate the clerestory window and its light shelf, lower the hung ceiling to a flat 9 ft, reducing the building height by 1 ft 4 in.
Other notable features include a clerestory window - one which extends above the roof line - in one of the bedrooms, extensive oak panelling and original staircases.
Translucent polycarbonate panels cover the garage's upper wall sections, wrapping the structure like a clerestory window and allowing natural light to brighten the space (which cuts down on energy use).
Lighting the buttresses to the gable ends, the side surfaces of the clerestory window openings, and the finials to the parapet.
Tenders are invited for repair of a clerestory window system leaking over the south entrance of the building.
Note particularly the clerestory window over the foyer.
The bathroom's clerestory window is made from a door salvaged from the landmark Ratner's restaurant.