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cler·gy  (klûrj)
n. pl. cler·gies
The body of people ordained for religious service. See Usage Note at collective noun.

[Middle English clergie, from Old French (from Vulgar Latin *clerca, from Late Latin clricus; see clerk) and from Old French clergié, body of clerks (from Vulgar Latin *clerctus, from Late Latin clrictus, from clricus, clerk, cleric).]

clergy (ˈklɜːdʒɪ)
n, pl -gies
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the collective body of men and women ordained as religious ministers, esp of the Christian Church.
[C13: from Old French clergie, from clerc ecclesiastic, clerk]

cler•gy (ˈklɜr dʒi)

n., pl. -gies.
the group or body of ordained persons in a religion, as distinguished from the laity.
[1175–1225; Middle English clerge, clergie < Old French clerge < Late Latin clericātus office of a priest; see cleric, -ate3]
cler′gy•like`, adj.
usage: See collective noun.
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Noun1.clergy - in Christianity, clergymen collectively (as distinguished from the laity)clergy - in Christianity, clergymen collectively (as distinguished from the laity)
priesthood - the body of ordained religious practitioners
pastorate - pastors collectively
prelacy, prelature - prelates collectively
cardinalate - cardinals collectively
clergyman, man of the cloth, reverend - a member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church
laity, temporalty - in Christianity, members of a religious community that do not have the priestly responsibilities of ordained clergy

noun priesthood, ministry, clerics, clergymen, churchmen, the cloth, holy orders, ecclesiastics The Bolsheviks closed churches and imprisoned the clergy.
Related words
adjectives clerical, pastoral
"Clergy are men as well as other folks" [Henry Fielding Joseph Andrews]
clergy [ˈklɜːdʒɪ] NPLclero m

clergy [ˈklɜːrdʒi] nclergé m

plKlerus m, → Geistlichkeit f, → die Geistlichen pl; to join the clergyGeistlicher werden

clergy [ˈklɜːdʒɪ] nclero

clergy (ˈkləːdʒi) noun
the ministers, priests etc of the Christian religion. the clergy of the Church of England.
ˈclergyman noun
one of the clergy; a priest, minister etc.

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Much ill-will would also have been required, not to comprehend, through the medium of the poetry of the prologue, that Labor was wedded to Merchandise, and Clergy to Nobility, and that the two happy couples possessed in common a magnificent golden dolphin, which they desired to adjudge to the fairest only.
I say it only shows his foolish, impious pride, and abominable, devilish rebellion against the reverend clergy.
We have little patience with those liberal clergy who dwell on nothing else than the difficulties of faith and the propriety of concession to the opposite force.
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