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A humorous verse consisting of two rhymed couplets in lines of irregular length, usually about a person whose name serves as one of the rhymes.

[After Edmund Clerihew Bentley (1875-1956), British writer.]


(Poetry) a form of comic or satiric verse, consisting of two couplets of metrically irregular lines, containing the name of a well-known person
[C20: named after Edmund Clerihew Bentley, who invented it]


(ˈklɛr əˌhyu)

a verse form in two couplets, usu. lampooning a person named in the first line.
[1925–30; after E. Clerihew Bentley (1875–1956), English writer, its inventor]
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Noun1.clerihew - a witty satiric verse containing two rhymed couplets and mentioning a famous person; "`The president is George W. Bush, Who is happy to sit on his tush, While sending his armies to fight, For anything he thinks is right' is a clerihew"
rhyme, verse - a piece of poetry


nClerihew nt, → witziger Vierzeiler
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The A team secured the scalp with points from Brett Hanratty, Richard Clerihew and Dan Johnson.
Lindon's palindrome is so well structured that it almost becomes a poetic form of its own, like a haiku or a clerihew.
MELISSA Clerihew, 19, is the same age as 63-stone Georgia.
1796-1863), William Wyld (1806-1889), William Clerihew (b.
I still get a kick from clever doggerel, a well-turned clerihew or a jolly limerick, but I'm in a minority, it seems.
And a cartoon by Nicholas Clerihew Bentley, from about 1950, shows Peeping Tom leaning out of a window.
However, Harry Morris, Tony Lynch, Brett Hanratty, Richard Clerihew and Dan Johnson sealed victory for The Board.
The clerihew is a funny form, and Paul is a funny man, and theirs is a marriage made in funny heaven.
Edmund Clerihew Bentley (1875-1956) wrote the classic detective story Trent's Last Case but he is also known for the verse form that was named after him - the clerihew.
The other is a cartoon from about 1950 by Nicholas Clerihew Bentley, and includes Peeping Tom leaning out of a window.
Tomma Daglish, Dave Darwood and Stefan Jansen earned points for The Royal, while Dan Johnson, Harry Morris, Richard Clerihew and Brett Hanratty were successful for The Board.
Edmond Clerihew Bentley created the Clerihew, a four-line poem with an AABB rhyme scheme and an irregular rhythm.