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Provocative or sensationalistic headline text that entices people to click on a link to an article, used as a publishing tactic to increase webpage views and associated ad revenue.

[click + bait.]
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The goal is to lure people in with a false, clickbait title -- "Twitter Deletes Trump's Twitter Account" has gotten over a million views, Horner said -- and then offer them persuasive facts in the story.
Now it turns out those clickbait headlines techniques might not work so well after all.
Angelina Jolie (August): Jolie became the victim of a death hoax after a clickbait website shared a Facebook link that appeared to point to a legitimate media outlet - sometimes CNN or ABC - but opened up to a a page that stole personal information.
Whether it's clickbait story galleries like Taboola, pop-unders, or ever-increasing load times caused by serving up ads, digital readers are turning to ad blockers, and those represent a direct threat to revenues.
A larger concern is one of the quality of native--the kind of high-level native the Times is producing versus the Buzzfeedy clickbait stories like "22 Kittens That Look Like Hitler," imbedded in a postage-stamp-size box on many a newspaper website.
The 25-year-old added that YouTube's "suggested video" feed preferred pornography or clickbait videos.
Think of SmartNews as a sort of Facebook timeline filled with real news from reliable sources, minus clickbait clutter like Upworthy and your friends' cat videos.
We're bombarded online by clickbait and have developed a distaste for polarizing content.
We always work to make News Feed more meaningful and informative, and that includes examining the quality and accuracy of items shared, such as clickbait, spam and hoaxes.
You just need to make it enticing enough for a reader to do so (without devolving to clickbait, which could undermine your credibility).
com/angelina-jolie-death-hoax/) Snopes , a website covering urban legends and Internet rumors, reported that these clickbait websites post these hoax posts to gain access to the personal information of the users.
He cited clickbait and sensationalism as some of the things they wanted to prevent with the changes that they have implemented.