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Noun1.clickety-click - a fast and rhythmic click-clack; "the clickety-clack of the typewriters"
click-clack - a succession of clicks
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The exciting clickety-click, as it grew louder and louder, seemed to be beating upon his soul.
Insert sad face emoji here* CLICKETY-CLICK There is now such a thing as a selfie shoe in which you insert a phone and take a pic.
Whether it's the almost silent buzz of electricity powering a Scalextric system to the gentle clickety-click of a model railway, there are lots of attractions that will make your ears prick up.
The buzz of electric shavers, interspersed with the clickety-click of comb against scissor, reverberated round the little wooden-panelled room, bedecked with adverts for Durex and Old Spice.
So much of our time will be spent on tenterhooks, dreading the moment Noor gets into the kitchen knife draw, or plays clickety-click with the switches - shorting the whole house in the process.
The scroll wheel has two gears for switching between high-speed, almost friction-less scrolling and clickety-click precision manoeuvres.
The clickety-click of an assortment of heels on the ancient streets can be heard even from within the warmth of the cafE[umlaut].
It's that background rhythm to my life, the counterpoint to the clickety-click of fingers on keyboards, soft discussions about an interesting case, ringing phones, beeps, and overhead pages.
I was mesmerised by the clickety-click as the carriage passed over the rails," he laughs.
He listened for the clickety-click of Janie's skates.
Mom sits at Great-grandma's oak table, wielding the potato peeler with a clickety-click rhythm.