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Adj.1.client-server - relating to a computer system in which a central server supports a number of networked workstations
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Welcome to the client-server frontier, where the old rules don't apply and the new ones aren't finished yet.
Information technology has gone through some far-reaching changes, but no prior computing movement has been as pervasive as the current migration from the mainframe architecture to the multibox, client-server approach.
You should implement technology only because your business processes either function, or have been re-engineered to function, in a way that will take advantage of client-server.
This new product allows customers to operate their systems in a standards-based client-server environment, if they so choose.
OpenSpeech Server software provides a speech recognition solution for companies such as telecommunication providers, carriers and ASPs whose speech services might benefit from a client-server architecture.
Brinsfield's first talk, "SAS Client-Server Development Through Thick and Thin Version 8" showcases the development and implementation principles Meridian Software Inc.
Brinsfield, a 22-year veteran of SAS development and consulting, has a great deal of experience with client-server implementations.
provides client-server consulting, custom application development and database design for the mid- Atlantic region through the company's Professional Services Division.
said Ed Black, director of client-server solutions at the Aberdeen Group, Inc.
The new version is a complete set of integrated software components -- Form, Report, Query and Database Objects -- that bring speed and power to developers who are building client-server applications using industry standard products and tools such as the Microsoft Visual Basic programming system, C++, and Microsoft BackOffice.
Building high-quality client-server applications on time and under budget is very difficult," said Dwayne Walker, chairman and CEO of Integra Technology.
Developed and tested by Sun Educational Services a business unit of SunService(SM), the six new courses are being added to the current worldwide library of over 100 educational products and services for the client-server training marketplace.
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