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1. The party for which professional services are rendered, as by an attorney.
2. A customer or patron: clients of the hotel.
3. A person using the services of a social services agency.
4. One that depends on the protection of another.
5. A client state.
6. Computers A computer or program that can download files for manipulation, run applications, or request application-based services from a file server.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin cliēns, client-, dependent, follower; see klei- in Indo-European roots.]

cli′ent·age (-ən-tĭj) n.
cli·en′tal (klī-ĕn′tl, klī′ən-) adj.
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I sat down in the cliental chair placed over against Mr.
From pre event setting up to post event dismantling and storage of display materials, the company has helped their North America-wide client-base to engage potential cliental and maximize their brand appeal.
Therefore we built an access technology portfolio extensive enough to meet any technological demands presented to us by our global cliental," said David Markowitz, vice president of Marketing for Zhone.