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There is an electric drill with plenty of waterproof cable to reach from the ship's dynamos to the cliff-top when the Toreador is anchored at a safe distance from shore, and there is sufficient half-inch iron rod to build a ladder from the base to the top of the cliff.
After it is assembled, I shall carry tackle and ropes to the cliff-top, and then it will be comparatively simple to hoist the search-party and its supplies in safety.
The Swift One and I started to make a scramble for the cliff-top.
There was no familiar fruit or vegetable growing upon the rocky soil of the cliff-tops, and I would have fared ill for food had not a hare broken cover almost beneath my nose.
The cliff-tops, though ragged, were of such uniform height as to suggest the boundaries of a great plateau, and now and again we caught glimpses of verdure topping the rocky escarpment, as though bush or jungle-land had pushed outward from a lush vegetation farther inland to signal to an unseeing world that Caprona lived and joyed in life beyond her austere and repellent coast.
A STUDENT plunged to her death after leaping in the air for a cliff-top photo.
An arctic fox family must eke out a cliff-top living, an eider farmer has his hands full playing duck dad to hundreds of new arrivals and Viking horsemen prepare to set off for the autumn round-up.
Summary: The luxury $4 Million cliff-top villas in Oman that come with a chauffeur driven Bentley
7 hectares of expansive and beautifully manicured beach-front and cliff-top land.
7 hectares of expansive and manicured beach-front and cliff-top land.
THE disused railway track and cliff-top section of the Cleveland Way to the south of Ravenscar offer dramatic coastal views towards Scarborough.
PART of the Wales Coast Path and a "missing link" along one of its most beautiful cliff-top stretches has been sealed off with padlocks and chains just days after work on the route was completed.