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A high, steep, or overhanging face of rock.

[Middle English clif, from Old English.]

cliff′y adj.


(ˈklɪf i)

adj. cliff•i•er, cliff•i•est.
abounding in or formed by cliffs: a cliffy shoreline.
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Speke Argyle recorded a 15-6 win against Cliffy Hols and there was a win for San Marino in the Monday Championship.
I thought Cliffy did well, as did James Flynn and George Nott, and it was a great win.
CRABTREE MONICA Dear sister of Pat, sisterin-law of Cliffy.
Holloway said: "I know there are a few that have been floating around the first team and I know from talking to Elliott (Dickman) and Cliffy (Byrne) that four or five have been training with the first team.
1% of locations) in areas of coarse and fine rubble, typical of cliffy areas.
In the two wheel drive category, Ford Escort pairing Nev Jones and Chris Davies can expect strong opposition from the similar car of Terry Brown, partnered as usual by Den Golding, and that of Ben Friend and Cliffy Simmons.
On Saturday, Toon superfan Cliffy was booked into seat five as Newcastle fans travelled to Watford.
The Gunnison sees a scant fraction of the boats that ply the Colorado, because only expert paddlers can run its pinched and cliffy rapids.
FLYNN Wayne Thomas Suddenly, but peacefully, on Nov 22, 2014, at Russell's Hall Hospital, Dudley, Wayne formerly of Llanrumney and Dudley, fell asleep; much loved partner to Julie, a loving Dad and grandfather, loved brother of Willis, Sharon, Ceri, Warren, Phillip and the late Cliffy, beloved uncle to all his nieces and nephews.
OVEC, created in the 1950s to supply electricity to a uranium enrichment plant in Portsmouth, Ohio, operates the Kyger Creek and Cliffy Creek baseload coal plants in Ohio and Indiana, respectively.
Investigation time is always limited because of cliffy area and hard environmental conditions in KNP.