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A high, steep, or overhanging face of rock.

[Middle English clif, from Old English.]

cliff′y adj.


(ˈklɪf i)

adj. cliff•i•er, cliff•i•est.
abounding in or formed by cliffs: a cliffy shoreline.
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For now though I'm just concentrating of getting fit and enjoying my football and hopefully Cliffy and myself can cause Loughgall a few problems at the weekend.
DJs Cliffy and Russ Jones are making the journey from Notting Hill Arts Club to Glasgow's new Centre for Contemporary Arts to bring us a monthly night which will take us on an audio long haul world tour, with the beats and guest artistes as your travel guides.
P Linda, Cliff, Clif Paul, Cliffy Clif , fy, fy Toni, Gary and families xx COOK JOSEPH Ours is a simple prayer, God Bless and keep Joe in His care.
What a legend Russ Morgan | I used to travel on the bus to Cardiff when Cliffy caught the same bus.
John Fotten raced away for two tries, while Lee Jones, Dale Wood, Ricky Summers and Cliffy Richards crossed for tries to give the home side a 34-0 half time lead.
DJ Marky and pals such as Norman Jay (right), Batmacumba featuring DJ Cliffy and Spiritual South get together to help raise money for The End Studios, set to open in the Spring.
Scotland has quite a cliffy coastline so it should not be affected too badly but some parts of England will disappear under water.
I begin climbing off and around the steep, cliffy hillside.
Cliffy, Val, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.
Why aren't you Welsh doing more to get a knighthood for Cliffy Morgan?
Other events in this year's festival include: Martins 4 (Martin Carthy, Juan Martin, Martin Simpson and Martin Taylor), July 2; Mervyn Africa, Cafe Jazz, July 3; Nitin Sawhney, July 3; Snowboy and the Latin Section, Joyce Banda Maluca and DJ Cliffy, July 4; Pinise Saul and her South African Jazz Special, July 5,5.