Having the temperature and humidity regulated by a heating and cooling system: a climate-controlled theater.
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Built in 2005, this Class A facility features 659 climate-controlled units, 131 non-climate controlled units, 15 RV units and nine office suites.
OCS Logistics provides climate-controlled and dry product handling throughout the United States.
8 million cubic square feet of climate-controlled storage space that may be customized to meet the specific needs of their customers.
The projects include a two-story, climate-controlled building and single-story, uncontrolled climate storage structure in Middletown, N.
Paris Brothers, a family-owned company, has received Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) International certification for its climate-controlled green coffee warehouse.
We want to keep our coffee in a climate-controlled OCIA-certified facility, and Paris Brothers gives us the ideal means to do that.
OCS Logistics' sister company, OCS Transport, features a company-owned fleet of 50 tractors and 100 climate-controlled trailers.
Immediately available climate-controlled storage space in BST's 22,500 square-foot facility
In addition, it can be factory-equipped with customer-specified options such as DC power, monitoring and control capabilities, and battery-backup in a single, compact, climate-controlled package.
With etopps Initial Player Offerings, or IPOs, collectors can buy trading cards for their favorite All-Star or an up-and-coming professional athlete; track the value of the card in an online portfolio; trade cards through a joint partnership between etopps and eBay; and store cards in a secure, climate-controlled facility specifically designed to ensure the collectible cards stay in mint condition.
Artifacts, such as china, furniture and other personal memorabilia requiring a climate-controlled environment will finally come home.
that it has signed a memorandum of agreement to enter into a joint development agreement with Warme und Elektrotechnik, BMW's only supplier of seat heaters, to develop a climate-controlled seat targeted for intended sale to the German automobile manufacturer for its 7-series BMW vehicles.

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