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Adj.1.climatical - of or relating to a climate; "climatic changes"
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Camargo, Koppen and Thornthwaite climate classification systems in defining climatical regions of the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
An analysis using climatical data would not be good enough to achieve good crops in agriculture.
They cover global warming and biological stability; the selection and breeding of Galega orientalis and red clover in Belarus; problems of grain crops growing in acid soils of the European North; scientifically substantiated soil and climatical regions for the industrial cultivation of crops; bio-organic farming; innovative cultivation technologies of crops like garlic, lucerne seeds, oil flax, and festulolium seed; adaptive reactions of cultural plants to stress factors; and natural disasters and minimizing their effects.
The determination of sea tourism season according to the climatical conditions in Marmaris--Alanya coastal belt (SW of Turkey), Journal of Tourism Challenges and Trends, 1(2), 91-111.
Study the climatical factors effects on bunch fading disorder of date palm in southern Iran and the methods of its control.
collected from Isfahan climatic locations, so that, their results showed that the harvest time, ecological and climatical conditions can be influenced in essential oil composition [15].