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PC Mall Gov was the sole contract awardee for CLIN's 1 and 2 and was the primary awardee for CLIN 3, which will allow the company to receive any delivery order under CLIN 3 that is under USD1m.
12) The court also noted that the Air Force ordered the work under CLIN 0001AC even though the Air Force never placed an order under CLIN 0001AA.
There will be no requirement for the contractor to accumulate costs or bill financing payments by separate CLIN or SLIN.
CLIN, which is the rail and port concession-holder for the Nacala Corridor, is spending additional US$84 million on transmission towers, which will enhance communication along the railway line.
By working with IBM as a CLIN on SEWP III, it's never been faster, easier, and more cost effective for Government organizations and their contractors to achieve Development Intelligence for all their software development initiatives.