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v. clinched, clinch·ing, clinch·es
a. To fix or secure (a nail or bolt, for example) by bending down or flattening the pointed end that protrudes.
b. To fasten together in this way.
2. To settle definitely and conclusively; make final: "The cocktail circuit is a constant and more contracts are clinched over pâté than over paper" (Ann L. Trebbe).
3. Sports To secure (a divisional championship, for instance) before the end of regular season play by having an insurmountable lead.
4. To fasten with a clinch knot.
1. To be held together securely.
2. Sports To hold a boxing opponent's body with one or both arms to prevent or hinder punches.
3. Slang To embrace amorously.
1. Something, such as a clamp, that clinches.
2. The clinched part of a nail, bolt, or rivet.
3. Sports An act or instance of clinching in boxing.
4. A clinch knot.
5. Slang An amorous embrace.

[Variant of clench.]
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Adj.1.clinched - closed or squeezed together tightly; "a clenched fist"; "his clenched (or clinched) teeth"
tight - closely constrained or constricted or constricting; "tight skirts"; "he hated tight starched collars"; "fingers closed in a tight fist"; "a tight feeling in his chest"
References in classic literature ?
But these are all landsmen; of week days pent up in lath and plaster--tied to counters, nailed to benches, clinched to desks.
A few keen pulls, and his boat-hook soon clinched the Pequod's main-chains, and he sprang to the deck.
Long, hairy arms reached out to seize him, and, as they had done a thousand times before, the two clinched in mimic battle, rolling upon the sward, striking, growling and biting, though never closing their teeth in more than a rough pinch.
From these embers the inspector disinterred the butt end of a green cheque book, which had resisted the action of the fire; the other half of the stick was found behind the door; and as this clinched his suspicions, the officer declared himself delighted.
He arose, paced a while up and down the hut, and then, suddenly stopping before Mercedes, with his eyes glowing and his hands clinched, -- "Say, Mercedes," he said, "once for all, is this your final determination?
His lips were curled in hard lines and his teeth were clinched.
No," said he, "I can lend you nothing without security," and clinched his assurance with an oath, the robber!
As to Athos, his face aflame, his fists clinched, his lips bitten till they bled, he sat there foaming with rage at that endless parliamentary insult and that long enduring royal patience; the inflexible arm and steadfast heart had given place to a trembling hand and a body shaken by excitement.
The widow looked down the aisle, and clinched the arm of one of her bridemaids in her bony hand with such unconscious violence, that the fair girl trembled.
This maddened me, and I sat brooding for a time over the injuries I had suffered, and the cruelties which she I loved had endured for my sake, until my heart swelled and grew sore, and my teeth were clinched.
The contest continued, the combatants clinched each other, and panted and groaned, and rolled among the rocks.
They parted at the gate, the lawyer walking with an important and hurried air toward his office, keeping his right hand firmly clinched on the bundle of papers.