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Noun1.cling film - a thin plastic film made of saran (trade name Saran Wrap) that sticks to itself; used for wrapping food
plastic wrap - wrapping consisting of a very thin transparent sheet of plastic
saran - any of various thermoplastic resins used to make things
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Mr McIntyre said: "The light switch was like a toffee apple because he had put so much cling film around it and the telephone had just been wrapped in cling film.
What''s wrapped in cling film and terrorises Paris?
The boy was wrapped in cling film before being airlifted with his mother to Birmingham Children's Hospital.
Grease the cling film with a few drops of vegetable oil.
WHISKY experts have come up with a way to save the angel's share escaping from their barrels - wrapping them in cling film.
Making sure there is some cling film overlapping the edge of the tin.
Place the chicken breasts between two pieces of cling film and pound to create an escalope.
Place the salmon fillet, skin side down, on to cling film.
All you have to do is sow the seeds in a pot of compost, cover with cling film and leave them to sprout indoors on the windowsill.
If you are waiting for a coat of gloss paint to dry, wrap the business end in cling film and it will stop the brush from drying.
She claimed she lent a man a piece of cling film and piece of sticky tape on which her fingerprints were found.