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intr.v. clung (klŭng), cling·ing, clings
1. To hold fast or adhere to something, as by grasping, sticking, embracing, or entwining: clung to the rope to keep from falling; fabrics that cling to the body.
2. To remain close; resist separation: We clung together in the storm.
3. To remain emotionally attached; hold on: clinging to outdated customs.
A clingstone fruit.

[Middle English clingen, from Old English clingan.]

cling′er n.
cling′y adj.


(ˈklɪŋ i)

adj. cling•i•er, cling•i•est.
apt to cling; adhesive or tenacious: a clingy fabric.
cling′i•ness, n.


[ˈklɪŋɪ] ADJ
1. [person] → pegajoso
2. [clothes] → ceñido


[ˈklɪŋi] adj
(= clinging) [child] → dépendant(e); [adult] → collant(e)
[clothes] → moulant(e)


adj (+er) personanhänglich; thinghaftend
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Because pushing them off can exacerbate their feelings of fear and clinginess, this "solution" for jumping can actually make the jumping behavior even more pronounced.
The cure for this clinginess is to override the automatic and use the tiptronic-style 'manual' to short-shift from around 2500rpm.
Instead of searching for a suitor, focus on improving yourself--confidence over clinginess, all day, every day.
STILETTO BOOTS IF YOU don't like clinginess of sock boots, but still want something sharp and chic, then make a beeline for a pair of leather or suede stilettoheeled booties instead.
Parents reported worrying, clinginess, and play related to the disaster in their children (Quinn et al.
In early childhood, crying, tantrums, or clinginess are healthy reactions to separation.
Other clues to this dynamic include thumb sucking, baby talk, clinginess, or being rough on the sibling.
On the other end of the scale, they maintain that a 'dependent relationship is characterized by the child's possessiveness and clinginess, and a conflictual relationship is characterized by friction and anger between teacher and child' (p.
And these symptoms includes "nightmares, clinginess to parents or caregivers, fear of natural exploring beyond their immediate environment, a numbing of affect, distractibility, intrusive thoughts, and feelings of not belonging.
Inspired by the clinginess of seed burs, Bunchems are similar to an a erector set for soft creations.
Polyester, the most common man-made fiber, still has issues like pilling, clinginess and odor retention, but clearly today's polyester does not have the same stigmas it did a decade ago.
I'm really concerned that his cousin's lack of boundaries and his clinginess will drive him over the edge.