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intr.v. clung (klŭng), cling·ing, clings
1. To hold fast or adhere to something, as by grasping, sticking, embracing, or entwining: clung to the rope to keep from falling; fabrics that cling to the body.
2. To remain close; resist separation: We clung together in the storm.
3. To remain emotionally attached; hold on: clinging to outdated customs.
A clingstone fruit.

[Middle English clingen, from Old English clingan.]

cling′er n.
cling′y adj.


(ˈklɪŋ i)

adj. cling•i•er, cling•i•est.
apt to cling; adhesive or tenacious: a clingy fabric.
cling′i•ness, n.


[ˈklɪŋɪ] ADJ
1. [person] → pegajoso
2. [clothes] → ceñido


[ˈklɪŋi] adj
(= clinging) [child] → dépendant(e); [adult] → collant(e)
[clothes] → moulant(e)


adj (+er) personanhänglich; thinghaftend
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Stuart Weitzman They have 11 styles of boots and shoes which are; tiemodel, clingy, allhyped, scrunchy, crush, flatscrunchy, longlegs, furgetit, overcoat, Mrspats and mocpearl.
But now, the jig is upthe news revealed by way of a clingy and vaguely bridal evening gown on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival, where Natalie Portman's new film Planetarium had its premiere this week: That's right, the Princess of Hollywood and Queen of the Hebrews is expecting her second child.
He is clingy, in a cute kind of way-you won't feel taken advantage of.
But while supermodel Rosie, 28, cut an elegant figure in her navy shoulderless outfit, Gwyneth, 48, wore a clingy pink 70s-inspired creation complete with turtleneck and bell-bottoms.
A MAN bombarded his expartner with phone calls and threatened to cut her head offafter she dumped him for being too clingy.
She's got a little cough and she's very tired and clingy but other than that the vet said she's fine.
The assemblies include an artificial nail sized to correspond to at least a portion of the natural nail, a one-piece application tab assembly temporarily adhered to the upper surface of the artificial nail, an attachment portion that has a clingy portion with sufficient tackiness to temporarily adhere to said upper surface; and a body portion that can be grasped by a user to manipulate the application tab assembly and artificial nail.
I am clingy because this is my way to show how much I care.
QMY girlfriend is so clingy and she hates me having any time away from her.
The former fiancee of Australian cricketer Michael Clarke displayed her toned tummy in a pair of clingy black workout leggings and a sports bra after hitting the gym at Iceberg's in Sydney, Australia, the Daily Mail reported.
MEN are more clingy than women when it comes to martial relationships, according to a new survey.
Singer Una looked stunning in a clingy metallic dress as she hit the town with her bandmates.