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Noun1.clinodactyly - a congenital defect in which one or more toes or fingers are abnormally positioned
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Phenotypical abnormalities suggestive of Turner syndrome included a short neck and bilateral clinodactyly of her 4th digits.
The respiratory and heart rates were 80/min and 160/min respectively, The patient had a flat midface, widely set eyes, mild ptosis, short philtrum and a triangular mouth; polythelia, foot and hand anomalies with clinodactyly were also noted (Fig.
Because of the asymmetry of these tendon insertions, the clinical manifestation of this injury in the young mimics a mallet finger and a clinodactyly deformity.
Furthermore, variable anomalies of the hands and feet, such as duplicated terminal phalanx of the thumb, triphalangeal thumb (long finger-like thumb with three phalanges instead of two), preaxial polydactyly (thumb duplication), syndactyly (fusion) of the second and third digits, and fifth finger clinodactyly (curving of the fifth finger towards the fourth) have also be seen in cases with LADD [Guven et al.
The patient was a 2-month-old girl with multiple congenital abnormalities including cleft lip and palate, hypertelorism, malformed ears, clinodactyly and ulnar deviation of the hands, abdominal wall defect (omphalocele), malpositioned anus and cardiac defect (ventircular septal defect).
YK 9 / M right-sided 6 -- undescended testis pallor, bruising" hepatomegaly (4 cm) splenomegaly (5 cm) cafe-au-lait spots ear abnormalities clinodactyly 3.