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 (klĭk, klēk)
A small exclusive group of friends or associates.
intr.v. cliqued, cliqu·ing, cliques Informal
To form, associate in, or act as a clique.

[French, from Old French, latch or from obsolete French cliquer, to click, clink, of imitative origin.]

cliqu′ey, cliqu′y, cliqu′ish adj.
cliqu′ish·ly adv.
cliqu′ish·ness n.


(ˈkliːkɪ; ˈklɪkɪ) or


adj, -ier or -iest
exclusive, confined to a small group; forming cliques


[ˈkliːkɪ] ADJexclusivista
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I did make a few friends at the school gates, but they're all quite cliquey.
FROM "I don't want this to be a cliquey little thing - I want everyone to get involved, have fun, have some coffee and enjoy themselves, and if businesses do well and get busier that's great.
Everyone's a good lad here, it's not cliquey, not hard to be part of.
Way out (4) London feels cliquey and sometimes a little bit like swimming through mud.
London feels cliquey and sometimes a little bit like swimming through mud" Actress Sienna Miller, who is quitting the capital to live in New York.
Founded on the premise that cliquey VC networks tend to overlook or exclude lesser-known, less-connected startups from funding consideration, VCNetwork.
In a swipe at his political foes, Mr Flynn added: "People are fed up with politicians from political parties and their failed promises, expense scandals and their cliquey old boy network.
Davis adds, "Part of the reason were doing this is so women can get around a table and talk and have a conversation, and not have that cliquey feeling you get at a bar, or feeling like to walk up to someone you should have a line prepared.