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 (klĭt′ər-ĭs, klĭ-tôr′ĭs, klī′tər-ĭs)
A small erectile body situated at the anterior portion of the vulva and projecting between the branched extremities of the labia minora forming its prepuce and frenulum.

[New Latin clītoris, from Greek kleitoris; see klei- in Indo-European roots.]

clit′o·ral (-ər-əl) adj.
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Adj.1.clitoral - of or relating to the clitoris


[ˈklɪtərəl] ADJdel clítoris


[ˈklɪtərəl] adjclitoridien(ne)
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sticky shreds of lettuce; and the tongue seems so phallic, or clitoral,
This is no small omission, since between 70 and 95 percent of women require direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.
nationally representative data on pathways to orgasm during intercourse, noting that nearly 75 percent of women reported that clitoral stimulation was either necessary for their intercourse-orgasms, or helped their orgasms feel better, while 18 percent noted that vaginal penetration alone was sufficient for orgasm.
According to women, the key was clitoral and other stimulation techniques.
So I was delighted to discover Sarah Barmak and Elizabeth Hall, both of whom offer thought-provoking books that unapologetically explore a full range of clitoral and orgasmic mysteries.
We collected 8 cases of clitoral cyst and 6 cases of closed vaginal opening.
Female to male SRS are more expensive and less successful because of the difficulty in creating a functioning penis from female clitoral tissue.
But there's a great deal more clitoral tissue hidden inside the body and the size of that can be about four inches - the size of a man's un-erect penis.
1] Clitoral reduction and bilateral gonadectomies were performed and a pycnotic uterus was found.
Lubricants--a good first-line choice to decrease pain and increase pleasure during intercourse--are primarily designed to minimize friction and irritation around the clitoral area, the labia, and the introitus and vagina.
Five years earlier, during anatomy classes at medical school, she realised that this clitoral enlargement was not normal.
Grace and Frankie can be bawdy, and both women, taking a page out of the Betty White playbook, discuss vaginal dryness, clitoral stimulation and making lubricant out of yams.