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 (klĭv′ē-ə, klī′vē-ə)
Any of various plants in the genus Clivia, native to southern Africa and widely cultivated as ornamentals for their cluster of reddish-orange or yellow flowers borne on a long stalk.

[After Lady Charlotte Florentia Clive (1787-1866), Duchess of Northumberland, in whose conservatory the first specimen of the genus to flower in England was grown.]


(Plants) a plant belonging to the family Amaryllidaceae
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His tiered garden along a steep slope in Oakland is a stunning endorsement of those workhorses: Bird of paradise, clivia, Coprosma, and 'Myers' asparagus ferns are packed densely for a lush, tranquil feel.
February 13-17 - The French-Philippine Fashion Week's highlight this year is a fashion show by designer Clivia Nobili, in collaboration with Filipino designers.
At the moment we have a beautiful yellow clivia in full bloom, which is quite unusual.
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The clivia is a handsome houseplant whose leaves are evergreen and straplike.
These include bird of paradise, clivia, daylily, gazanias, Kahili ginger, moraea iris, and Shasta daisies.
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When you look at some of the relatives of hippeastrum such as amaryllis, clivia, galanthus and narcissus, you begin to realise that they are all capable of giving us a tremendous show and we should perhaps grow more of this family in our gardens and houses.