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In his appearance, the gangly rocker ditches his skinny jeans for 1990s clobber - with a bucket hat.
I get sick to death of the two main political parties, and unfortunately also the Lib-Dems now, because the one side want to clobber the working class and keep them in their place and the other side want to clobber the rich and the wealth creators saying they want to level the playing eld.
It's cool enough to leave on the side to enjoy its retro looks, while it holds all the stuff you'll need, at some point | Transistor radio cables and clobber bag PS25.
But Labour MSP Margaret Curran said: "Once again, the Tories are planning to clobber families with hikes in family taxes.
I'm not for a moment suggesting we would clobber businesses with these wholesale changes governing parental leave overnight.
I have a feeling Julia would clobber me at Scrabble, but I don't mind.
One of the things we learned while working with our high-volume clients is that very large outbound email campaigns can clobber a database server just from handling bounces, clickthroughs and unsubscribe requests.
TONY Blair's favourite think-tank will tomorrow launch plans to clobber the rich with a new top rate of inheritance tax.
Not long ago, The Arizona Republic said that "reason likes to clobber.