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clock 1

1. An instrument other than a watch for measuring or indicating time, especially a mechanical or electronic device having a numbered dial and moving hands or a digital display.
2. A time clock.
3. A source of regularly occurring pulses used to measure the passage of time, as in a computer.
4. Any of various devices that indicate measurement, such as a speedometer or a taximeter.
5. A biological clock.
6. The downy flower head of a dandelion that has gone to seed.
v. clocked, clock·ing, clocks
1. To time, as with a stopwatch: clock a runner.
2. To register or record with a mechanical device: clocked the winds at 60 miles per hour.
3. Informal To strike or hit (someone) forcefully, especially in the face.
1. To record working hours with a time clock: clocks in at 8:00 and out at 4:00.
2. To be measured or registered, especially at a certain speed or rate. Often used with in: a fastball that clocks in at 95 miles per hour.
Phrasal Verb:
clock up Chiefly British Slang
To accumulate; rack up: clocked up a number of wins.
around/round the clock
Throughout the entire 24 hours of the day; continuously.
clean (someone's) clock Slang
To beat or defeat decisively: "Immense linemen declared their intentions to clean the clocks of opposing players" (Russell Baker).
kill/run down/run out the clock
Sports To preserve a lead by maintaining possession of the ball or puck until playing time expires.

[Middle English clokke, from Old North French cloque, bell, or from Middle Dutch clocke, bell, clock, both from Medieval Latin clocca, of imitative origin.]

clock′er n.

clock 2

An embroidered or woven decoration on the side of a stocking or sock.

[Perhaps from clock, bell (obsolete), from its original bell-shaped appearance.]
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Noun1.clocking - the time taken to traverse a measured course; "it was a world record clocking"
duration, continuance - the period of time during which something continues
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More specifically, the new IDT CV115C is the only product on the market to offer independent clocking for PCI Express, making it an appropriate fit for next-generation desktop PC platforms.
To minimize strobe design complexity, Ultra ATA uses a double data rate or double-edge clocking mechanism for all Ultra DMA transfers.
Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC) is being used by many of the latest high-speed serial buses in order to reduce EMI issues in new board and system designs.
Leveraging its expertise in timing technology, IDT is the first in the industry to introduce LVDS fan-out buffers that offer redundant clocking with glitchless switchover.
The specification now includes direct support for flexible multi-frequency clocking, support for two-dimensional block burst sequences, new non-blocking (exact) flow control options, more flexible reset behavior, a new security profile to describe the consistent mapping of security-related information, and a new section dedicated to verification.
Having the PLL on-chip simply means that we've made it easier for OEMs to develop products with audio quality but without the need for external clocking components," said Jason Rhode, vice president and general manager, Cirrus Logic Inc.