clog dancer

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clog dance

A dance performed while wearing clogs and characterized by heavy stamping steps.

clog dancer n.
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Noun1.clog dancer - someone who does clog dancing
social dancer, dancer - a person who participates in a social gathering arranged for dancing (as a ball)
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S4C's Newyddion 9 sports reporter, Iwan Griffiths, is a talented clog dancer and has performed on the Eisteddfod stage many times.
Her new touring ensemble features Louisa Tuck on cello, Ruth Wall on harp and Amy Thatcher, who's also a clog dancer, on accordion.
CLOG dancer Enlli Parri has won the Urdd Gobaith Cymru Bryn Terfel Scholarship.
Tudur Phillips was a keen athlete and award-winning clog dancer, but last year he was told he has ankylosing spondylitis - a chronic disease which affects the spine and can lead to severe disability.
In his 20s he had become a Lancashire Clog Dancer at the Hippodrome on West Derby Road.
After dessert, a teen-aged clog dancer took to the floor, joined by a handful of exuberant Axa managers who formed a bobbing chorus line.
But just for once the striker with the golden boot looked more like a clog dancer than Fred Astaire yesterday.
What did Naomi expect from Spanish clog dancer Joaquin Cortes?
Even clog dancer Beryl Ingham, later to become his wife, was not impressed at Formby's earlier shows.
Flautist and clog dancer Enlli Parri was awarded the Scholarship, which is worth PS4,000, in a concert held in the Aberystwyth Art Centre on Sunday night that was broadcast live on S4C.
It has to be said that Roy at that time had no idea that Pat was a clog dancer.