clog dancer

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clog dance

A dance performed while wearing clogs and characterized by heavy stamping steps.

clog dancer n.
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Noun1.clog dancer - someone who does clog dancing
social dancer, dancer - a person who participates in a social gathering arranged for dancing (as a ball)
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There was more evidence that this love of being centre stage was in the genes as Craig discovered Phyllis's grandfather Harry was a celebrated clog dancer in the late 1800s.
His father, an amateur clog dancer himself, had encouraged James' show business talents.
Award-winning clog dancer and S4C presenter Tudur Phillips recruited visitors entering the festival to help him see how much energy they could generate with their feet.
S4C's Newyddion 9 sports reporter, Iwan Griffiths, is a talented clog dancer and has performed on the Eisteddfod stage many times.
Her new touring ensemble features Louisa Tuck on cello, Ruth Wall on harp and Amy Thatcher, who's also a clog dancer, on accordion.
Tudur Phillips was a keen athlete and award-winning clog dancer, but last year he was told he has ankylosing spondylitis - a chronic disease which affects the spine and can lead to severe disability.
In his 20s he had become a Lancashire Clog Dancer at the Hippodrome on West Derby Road.
After dessert, a teen-aged clog dancer took to the floor, joined by a handful of exuberant Axa managers who formed a bobbing chorus line.
But just for once the striker with the golden boot looked more like a clog dancer than Fred Astaire yesterday.
What did Naomi expect from Spanish clog dancer Joaquin Cortes?