clog dancing

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Noun1.clog dancing - a dance performed while wearing shoes with wooden solesclog dancing - a dance performed while wearing shoes with wooden soles; has heavy stamping steps
tap dance, tap dancing - a dance step tapped out audibly with the feet
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There was more Maypole dancing, as well as traditional Northumbrian clog dancing and Highland, at Wallington Hall near Morpeth.
Pupils from Wilkinson School of Dance in West Monkseaton competed with great success at the Northern Counties Clog Dancing Championship.
A huge variety of activities are on offer throughout the day, including maypole dancing, morris dancing, clog dancing, street entertainers, floats and a craft fair.
The Whitley Bay festival line-up includes composer and performer Michael Freeman with his music making from rubbish and junk; the Alley Cats, who play skiffle, early country and rhythmic Americana; Tyne Bridge Morris women's clog dancing team; Smokin' Sisters, a 20-piece all female singing group; Cloud Nine Theatre company with comic mime plays and Housewife - five musical troubadours.
While one school is working on its school newspaper the `Brandling Bawl', another is working on a vegetable market and another is managing a clog dancing troupe.
The programme starts this Saturday, with traditional clog dancing at 11am and 12.
The Slubbing Billys, a Slaithwaite-based clog dancing morris team, are staging a special open evening for potential new dancers on Tuesday.
I've been to a few Folkworks events like this and thought clog dancing would be good fun," says Alice, from Forest Hall.
But his break as an entertainer came when, with Tiny's encouragement, he answered a call for clog dancers to take part in the Northumberland and Durham Clog Dancing Championships.
These kids, competing in the Urdd Eisteddfod in Cardiff, clearly enjoy their clog dancing, despite it being branded ``the epitome of uncool''.
There is morris and clog dancing at Wessen Court and Argyle Street.
In a joyously feelgood concert, Folkestra probably got the loudest cheer for a combination of tight instrumentals, powerful song and even clog dancing to Kurdistan folk music.