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n. clonorquiasis, infección parasitaria que afecta los conductos biliares distales.
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We used data from surveys 1-3 to determine epidemiologic changes in STHs and clonorchiasis over time in Hengxian County.
Update on hepatobiliary flukes: fascioliasis, opisthorchiasis and clonorchiasis.
In China, clonorchiasis infections have more than tripled over the past decade; [approximately equal to] 15 million people were infected with C.
Chronic clonorchiasis may be complicated with gallbladder and intrahepatic duct stones, recurrent pyogenic cholangitis, cholecystitis, liver abscess, and cholangiocarcinoma (5).
Kieu TL, Bronshtein AM, Sabgaida TR Clonorchiasis in the People's Republic of Vietnam.
Stool samples did not identify ova so blood samples were taken for serology testing including Clonorchiasis andOpisthorchiasis (results pending at time of publication).
Recent studies indicate that in China alone over the period 1995-2004 the incidence of one of the various parasitic infections in this group, clonorchiasis, tripled -- some 15 million Chinese were estimated to be infected with Clonorchis sinensis in 2004.