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n. Chiefly Scot.
1. a cloven hoof.
2. Cloots, the devil.
[1715–25; perhaps akin to Dutch klauwtje=klauw claw + -tje diminutive suffix]
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SWI news At the January meeting the Blairlogie and District ladies learned all about beer and ale making and enjoyed samples brought along by Ewan from Harviestoun Brewery before enjoying a hearty Burns Supper with oatcakes and cheese and clootie dumpling.
Jak, who is mum to Gemma, 13, and Fraser, 10, added: "This year, we will be having crab and salmon risotto to start with, soup for the oldies, goose and venison wellington for mains and clootie dumpling and puff candy meringue with cinnamon, caramelised figs and pistachios for dessert.
Clootie dumpling, which is a dumpling stuffed with currants, sultanas, breadcrumbs, golden syrup and milk is from which country?
Ticket to Speyside Heather Garden & Visitor attraction with tea/coffee & clootie dumpling The Inveraray Inn, April - June
They could probably last for weeks, but when it comes to shortbread and clootie dumplings, they always get eaten before I can put this theory to the test.
BAKED haggis served with a traditional clootie pudding were on the menu at a retirement village's annual charity Burns Night supper.
It will also dish out Clootie Dumplings with vanilla custard.
For those looking for an after dinner treat, the 'pudding and a dram' contains a clootie dumpling and a full bottle of Springbank malt whisky.
Whether it's Jack Frost, Ali Baba, Clootie and Dumpling, Piggley Winks, Cyber Dodo, FrogSkool or King Kong--the world is tooning into Indian-made animation as its reputation spreads as the "back office" of the world.
This is where we get to clootie dumpling, 'a sausage-shaped fruit pudding wrapped in a muslin and steamed'; it is not unlike an English Christmas pudding in taste and is eaten all year in Northumbria and Scotland.
Specific to Scotland are the sacred waters of the clootie well.