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A sharp hollow sound, as of a horse's hoof striking pavement.
intr.v. clopped, clop·ping, clops
To make or move with this sound.

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Noun1.clopping - the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface
sound - the sudden occurrence of an audible event; "the sound awakened them"
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The last of the horse drawn traders arrived just once a month at evening time using not the road, but our back gwli, horse's hooves clopping, his nasal cry of, 'Any old raaagbone
10am, neighbours called police after hearing the horse clopping down the road and spotting him riding it while two other men walked side-by-side.
Then & Now's first step outside the city could be accompanied by the clopping of horses' hooves, though this road was also used by metal contraptions known then as horseless carriages.
STEEL BONNETS Hobblers' hooves are softly clopping, Scarce heard in the country lane, Changing to a muffled rattle As they cross to rough terrain; Lammas long past, nights are darker, And the Reivers out again.
hatchets chopping down trees and droshkies clopping by under your
Because it was the perfect instrument to simulate the whip-cracking, clippity clopping background to Mule Train as recorded by a tousled-haired legend who makes Tom Jones sound like James Blunt.
NEW YORK Broadway braces for the sound of clopping coconuts.
When the deer scurry across our path, I sometimes hear a rare, hollow sound of hooves clopping on pavement.