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Verb1.close off - stem the flow of; "shut off the gas when you leave for a vacation"
cease, discontinue, lay off, quit, stop, give up - put an end to a state or an activity; "Quit teasing your little brother"
2.close off - isolate or separate; "She was shut off from the friends"
divide, separate - make a division or separation
curtain off - separate by means of a curtain
3.close off - block off the passage throughclose off - block off the passage through; "We shut off the valve"
barricade, block, block up, blockade, block off, bar, stop - render unsuitable for passage; "block the way"; "barricade the streets"; "stop the busy road"


1. Not far from another in space, time, or relation:
2. Very closely associated:
Informal: thick.
Slang: tight.
Idiom: hand in glove with.
3. Having all parts near to each other:
4. Nearly equivalent or even:
5. Not deviating from correctness, accuracy, or completeness:
6. Affording little room for movement:
7. Oppressive due to a lack of fresh air:
1. To move (a door, for example) in order to cover an opening:
2. To plug up something, as a hole, space, or container:
3. To bring or come to a natural or proper end:
4. To come together:
phrasal verb
close in
To surround and advance upon:
phrasal verb
close off
To set apart from a group:
phrasal verb
close out
To get rid of completely by selling, especially in quantity or at a discount:
3. An area partially or entirely enclosed by walls or buildings:
To a point near in time, space, or relation:

w>close off

vt sepabriegeln, (ab)sperren; (= separate off) area of office etcabteilen, abtrennen
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He noted that once they close off again the Asean lane as early as Suday morning, motorists could not use it since it would be difficult for them to funnel out the cars should a convoy pass by.
UNIVERSITY plans to close off a Jewellery Quarter street during the week "to protect students" have stalled.
Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh told CNN on Thursday that the decision to close off al-Aqsa Mosque was a "brazen challenge" and "grave behavior" that would lead to "further tensions and instability.
Onlooker Fred Brown said: "I heard all the emergency services going there and saw the police close off the road.
Tehran, Dec 14 (ANI): Iran has threatened to close off the world's most important oil shipping lane as tensions between Tehran and the West increase following the capture of an American surveillance drone.
I will predict that after the Olympics next year, this Labour council will see how their decision to close off the centre to buses will start to be felt when businesses start to feel the repercussion from this closed off city centre.
Protesters continued to close off traffic to the square as well as the Mogamaa building, a government administrative complex.
And why do you think it's OK to close off the city centre just for a rugby game?
Currently, the council claims any future pedestrianisation would not completely close off the bottom of Dale Street and could be accommodated by reducing the road from three lanes to two.
Summary: A suspicious package that led New York Police to close off Times Square turned out to be an abandoned lunch box.
Police were forced to close off a section of a busy back road after discovering that thieves had taken vital components from a gas main.
His recommendations include the creation of a "bus gate" area around College Green which would close off O'Connell Street, Westmoreland Street and Dame Street to all traffic except buses and taxis.