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Adj.1.close set - set close together; "close-set eyes"; "close-set teeth"; "her eyes are close set"
close - at or within a short distance in space or time or having elements near each other; "close to noon"; "how close are we to town?"; "a close formation of ships"
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His eyes were close set and the irises densely black and very small, so that the white of the eyeball showed around them.
He stood before her - waiting patiently, his mouth close set, his manner dogged with purpose.
Their eyes are very close set, but do not protrude as do those of the green men of Mars; their ears are high set, but more laterally located than are the green men's, while their snouts and teeth are much like those of our African gorilla.
For a dozen yards he advanced without sighting the object of his search, but presently his efforts were rewarded by a glimpse of a reddish, hairy body, and a pair of close set, wicked eyes peering at him from behind a giant tree.
It was a very close set, it could have gone either way.
The retailer set May 15, 2015 as the deadline for wrapping up the sales procedure, with a last date for deals to close set for June 30, 2015.
com, pushed the S&P 500 away from the record close set on Thursday.
How confusing if Dimbleby keeps saying "the gentleman with the shaven head, tattooed neck, close set eyes, bent nose and threatening expression at the back"?
The actor, who played Max Farnham in the C4 soap, was thrilled to be back up north and first on his to-do list was a nostalgic trip to the old Brookside Close set.
Q: What's the best way to bring out my eyes - they're close set and on the small side?
Eisenman 2700 close set concrete columns as compared to Libeskind's 49 (which, by the way, lean a bit and have trees on top).
The close set a Nasdaq record high for the first time since July 20th.