closed curve

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Noun1.closed curve - a curve (such as a circle) having no endpoints
curve, curved shape - the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
Jordan curve, simple closed curve - a closed curve that does not intersect itself
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Which, in order to analysis cyclic phenomena, must be a closed curve hence a circular component.
Plainly a borderline closed curve of the figure which has the hole surrounds inwardly all figures except the figure itself and figures which its other borderline closed curves surround inwardly respectively; yet the borderline closed curve surrounds outwardly the figure and those figures which the other borderline closed curves surround inwardly respectively, therefore we need merely to prove all figures at a planar map from any spherical map, to wit O.
The equations are generated by a complex vector field that is elliptic everywhere except along a simple closed curve, explains Meziani (mathematics, Florida International U.
x'[member of][GAMMA]]d(x,x') between a point x and the closed curve [GAMMA], here d(x,x') is the usual Euclidean distance in [R.
Now it's true that a parabola is an ellipse with it foci an infinite distance apart, so if we consider the parabola a closed curve at infinity it is a closed curve, but I doubt if many mathematicians would think it topologically equivalent to a closed curve.
lies in a region defined by the intersection of two circles, a plane closed curve, and the half plane on the right of a vertical line.
Let [gamma] be a closed curve of length 2[pi]r: If x : g [right arrow] [R.
In his mathematical project, Pardon proved that a closed curve can be made convex without permitting any two points on the curve to get closer to one another.