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Adj.1.closed-chain - having atoms linked by bonds represented in circular or triangular form
cyclic - of a compound having atoms arranged in a ring structure
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Postoperative management may include weight-bearing and activity modifications, bracing, and a progressive physical therapy program emphasizing range of motion (ROM), closed-chain strengthening (exercises on the knee while the foot remains stationary) and a gradual and measured return to sport-specific maneuvers and activities.
These closed-chain kinetic exercises lessen impact to joints while maintaining proper conditioning and endurance during periods of injury.
leg extension) --are potentially more dangerous than closed-chain moves--those that engage multiple joints, such as the squat.
Because of the closed-chain nature of standing, it is theoretically possible to control coronal plane posture via abduction and adduction on just one side of the body or via either abduction or adduction on both sides.
It provides fast, accurate fall-risk screening and conditioning, as well as closed-chain, weight-bearing assessment and training.
This is done through closed-chain kinetic activities, postural drills and plyometric exercises.
Closed-chain movements involve exercising multiple muscle groups at the same time, such as squatting or stepping onto a platform.