closely held

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close′ly held′

(of a corporation) having its stock held by a few individuals. Compare closed corporation.
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The Supreme Court decision only relates to the contraceptive mandate and only applies to closely held companies whose owners can show they have sincere religious objections to the mandate.
For closely held corporations, the statutory requirements --such as annual meetings of shareholders, elections of directors and appointments of officers--become merely a formality.
Summary: Petroleb, a closely held Lebanese company, said it intended to hire Lebanese oil and gas professionals as it plans to form partnerships with companies to bid for offshore petroleum exploration and production contracts in Lebanon, according to a company statement Tuesday.
Proper succession planning for closely held businesses can: * Help with a more viable exit strategy for owners.
Counsel to businesses take note: shareholders of closely held corporations have fiduciary obligations to each other greater than those in the world of publicly traded organizations.
His management thesis, "Succession Planning for the Closely Held Business," focused on the lack of sound succession plans in a high percentage of closely held businesses.
Summary: Qatar Islamic Bank, or QIB, the Gulf country's biggest Shariah-compliant lender, bought the Islamic banking portfolio of closely held International Bank of Qatar, or IBQ.
One of the principal findings is that under current 3:12 rules the cost of capital is roughly the same for closely held firms as for widely held corporations.
In many cases, this would wipe our the net worth of these closely held businesses, making it difficult to demonstrate collateral to lenders, to insurance companies and to bonding agents.
A financial accounting standard (known as FAS 150) that would have been detrimental to closely held contracting companies by requiring them to account for mandatorily redeemable shares on their income statements as a liability has been "indefinitely delayed.
Purchase and Sale of Closely Held Businesses: Advanced Real World Tax Strategies (PSAS)
For example, in Smith, the court noted that Congress has not provided similar relief in cases of closely held corporate stock with capital gains potential.