adj.1.having rigid front and back covers, covered with cloth; - of books. Contrasted to softcover.
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The original cloth-bound edition of the catalogue published by the Grolier Club was tastefully designed by noted book designer Jerry Kelly and set (appropriately) in Bodoni types.
The cloth-bound books are a reproduction of the Complete Library of Four Treasures, a prodigious 18th Century work which has been called the 'Great Wall' of Chinese culture.
Printed on sturdy paper stock, it is available in cloth-bound hardcover edition at US$65 and paperback at US$48.
cloth-bound, with an opening section in color, and the rest printed in black ink
th] anniversary this fall with a special cloth-bound edition.
As with previous editions, the most recent in 2008, this one is published in a single cloth-bound volume and two volumes paper-bound.
The first volume of this handsome cloth-bound set offers a thorough biographical treatment of Bewick, his partner Ralph Beilby, and their many apprentices.
I shall treasure my store, which might be worth something to my great grandchildren, especially the cloth-bound antiques.
The special Collector's Edition Box Set, with both CDs, along with a limited edition large format 100-page hard-cover cloth-bound coffee table book, featuring never before seen intimate photography documenting JAY-Z's career, all housed in a beautiful debossed white linen presentation box.
Sexual Harassment Law," published by Carolina Academic Press (Durham, NC), is a cloth-bound casebook that offers a survey of the legal history, theory and practice of sexual harassment law, beginning with the passage of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
The StaffordshireA new cheese launched at the Stafford Show in June 2002, the Staffordshire is a hand-made, cloth-bound cheese made from cows' milk.
The letters, which were penned in the 1920s and 30s, are contained in an original cloth-bound book, which is expected to fetch around pounds 3,000.