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Noun1.clothes dryer - a dryer that dries clothes wet from washingclothes dryer - a dryer that dries clothes wet from washing
dryer, drier - an appliance that removes moisture
mangle - clothes dryer for drying and ironing laundry by passing it between two heavy heated rollers
spin drier, spin dryer - a clothes dryer that uses centrifugal motion to dry the clothes that are put into it
tumble drier, tumble-dryer - a clothes dryer that spins wet clothes inside a cylinder with heated air
white goods - large electrical home appliances (refrigerators or washing machines etc.) that are typically finished in white enamel
wringer - a clothes dryer consisting of two rollers between which the wet clothes are squeezed
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My clothes dryer is all electric, so I've never needed to use the gas connection.
Examination of the scene revealed that the fire started in the ground floor of the house due to a short-circuit or overheating of a clothes dryer, which had been running.
Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has developed a new type of clothes dryer that uses sound waves to vibrate clothes dry rather than heating them.
corrective maintenance of brand clothes dryer continental c6115-255 model.
Averages across all zones with zone 8 & 9 comparisons zone 8 zone 9 4% Windows 5% 2% 13% Ceilings 14% 9% 51% Ventilation/Air Leakage 45% 67% 17% Walls/Doors 19% 14% 15% Floors 17% 8% Energy Consumption by End Use Space Heat 72% Light 9% Other Electric 7% Domestic Hot Water 6% Vent Fans 2% Clothes Dryer 2% Cooking 1% Refrigeration 1% Energy Cost by End Use Space Heat 56% Light 18% Other Electric 13% Domestic Hot Water 4% Vent Fans 4% Clothes Dryer 2% Cooking 1% Refrigeration 2% Note: Table made from bar graph.
While the electric clothes dryer was introduced in 1915, it was not until the Hamilton Manufacturing Company produced the first automatic dryer in 1938 that the use of the dryer started to become known.
The company has stated that you may know that you should clean the lint screen inside your clothes dryer, but did you know that you should have your dryer vent cleaned?
Loiselle and Pion, the local men who invented that clever device, the Champion Clothes Dryer, last spring, and which was getting a strong hold upon favor with the public when their entire plant was burned down a few months since, state that they have again invented an interesting article, and are now applying for a patent for it.
If one is not opposed to using propane or natural gas, that can be used for things like a clothes dryer, a kitchen range, a water heater and even refrigeration.
uk) has an extending clothes dryer, painted an elegant dove grey, with a handy shelf above it and seven rails.
This allows the appliance repair company to respond more quickly to calls for washing machine repair, clothes dryer repair, and other types of appliance repair.
7 billion) and horrifying (the major source of pesticide exposure for kids is food), the actions she suggests we take are manageable and meaningful: Plant an organic garden, mow your lawn manually and replace your clothes dryer with a clothesline (a clothes dryer, she says, contributes about 1,369 pounds of carbon dioxide a year to the atmosphere).