clothes line

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Tod came back yet again into the bedroom with a clothes line.
He opened the window a little way, and pushed out the greater part of the clothes line on to the window sill.
Why don't you have a clothes line out in your back yard?
People in these houses were fighting to keep their clothes lines on the quay then.
The gentry did not like to see people's clothes lines as they walked along the jetty, so the lines were taken down.
But it appears the fishermen's wives were not happy and the clothes lines soon made a comeback.
QUAYSIDE residents were celebrating last night after winning the battle of the controversial communal clothes line.
Cables are not clothes lines or a place to hang equipment out of your way.
The next most important purchases are clothes lines, a money changer (currency converter) and mosquito spray.
People in the north said a clothes line was their top priority.