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He took his wife's clothesline to bind these logs together, so that they would form a raft, and Ojo found some strips of wood and nailed them along the tops of the logs, to render them more firm.
Scraps wanted to shake the woman, to make her behave, but Dorothy talked to her in a gentle tone and told the Quadling's wife she was a Princess of Oz and a friend of Ozma and that when she got back to the Emerald City she would send them a lot of things to repay them for the raft, including a new clothesline.
Fetch a clothesline," said the King to his Army, "and tie us all together.
And while the Soldier was gone for the clothesline his Majesty continued, "it is well for me to be careful, for my very existence is in danger.
Well, all right, Tom, fix it your own way; but if you'll take my advice, you'll let me borrow a sheet off of the clothesline.
For a moment he hung there, clawing with his feet like a cat on a clothesline, but presently a piece of the thatch came away, and Mr.
All paving, driveways, outbuildings, loose items, wing fences and clotheslines are to be removed.
They experiment with painting and textiles to create whimsical mixed-media art that shows their personalities in the textile collages they create on their clotheslines.
com)-- Clotheslines and Flag Poles are hand built at G&G Industries, a small business in rural Midwestern Iowa.
I had seen too many fully loaded, umbrella-type clotheslines fall over.
Clotheslines are banned in some areas, but increasingly clothesline bans have been, well, banned.
Such information is old hat to all who recall using clotheslines.