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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - filled or abounding with clouds
cloudy - full of or covered with clouds; "cloudy skies"
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A LIGHT aircraft that crashed, killing the pilot and an airport manager, struck cloud-covered trees on the upper slope of a mountain, an accident report said today.
The images are cloud-covered and so far nothing could be spotted, ISRO spokesperson Satish said in Bangalore.
I thought it might show as a lighter patch against the cloud-covered sky.
It crashed into a cloud-covered hill, killing all 25 passengers and four crew.
The pictures arrived from the European Huygens spacecraft last night hours after the 9ft-wide probe made a perfect landing on the cloud-covered world.
The high point of the pounds 2bn mission will be on January 14 next year when the European Huygens lander parachutes down to Titan, Saturn's mysterious cloud-covered moon.
With the wedding season in full swing - and demand for ice sculptures at their highest - all Adrian wants is for a good old downpour and a cloud-covered sky.
All that is known is that their plane crashed on the side of a cloud-covered mountain in Laos, nearly a mile above the jungle floor, and for more than 30 years the site remained untouched.